October 30, 2015

Why you should start personalising emails now!

Personalised emails have worked wonders for email marketers. Receiving an email that makes you feel remembered is quite nice. Businesses’ have employed the use of tailored emails based on customer behaviour such as recommendations built on previous purchases and basket abandonment emails. Also, advances in technology such as Bluetooth and NFC can enable markets to even customise emails to locations!

How emails are personalised are really simple. The subject line, what the customer sees instantly, will need to be dynamic and eye-catching through employing the use of their name, industry or topic of interest to really gain their attention. Greeting the customer through their first name and references to past sales/behaviour makes the email more familiar and attractive. Using a call-to-action button will also help the customer click through to the desired landing page of that email. The landing pages should somewhat reiterate the email with pre-loaded material regarding what the recipient would be interested in.  A follow-up email is also good to thank the customer and offer more recommendations for their next visits.

Benefits of Personalised Emails

  1. Improves customer retention

A study conducted by eConsultancy found that post-purchase loyalty programmes can keep customers returning as the personalised offers were found to be one of the most important factors in encouraging repeat business. Customising build relationships and familiarities which can contribute to help build a strong relationship with existing customers.

  1. Increases conversions

When the email is tailored it means more to the customer. It makes it more likely that the email will be followed with a click to the website, therefore increasing conversion rates. Furthermore, when an action is easy and fast, people are most likely to continue. Through remembering the customer’s details you can reduce the repetitive stages the customer may need to go through.

  1. Builds a more connected audience

Content personalisation can help you build a more connected audience. Everybody loves something. When you love something there is usually something quite specific about that thing that you love. Confusing? I know. For example, a tea lover doesn’t just love tea. There is usually a specific type of tea they love. Tailoring the email to specific interests speaks directly to them.

  1. Welcomes Newcomers

You can have a stronger start with the new customer if you immediately show relevant information to their interests or their needs. This can be based on the first offer they convert one or pages they visited on your website.

  1. Personalisation makes marketing useful!

We are bombarded with hundreds of emails every day. Making yours tailored and unique can be the difference that makes someone go to your site. A customer who receives an email that is created purposefully for them can create a bigger impact and they are much more likely to do something with it.

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