September 29, 2016

Are you guilty of these email marketing bad habits?

email marketing bad habits

We understand that all you want to do is get your message from A to B but it isn’t always that simple. It has proven to be a highly effective tool to increase ROI according to an Econsultancy report. So, it is important that email marketers do not fall into bad ‘spammy’ habits to get the high open rates you desire. These bad habits can be tough to turn around however, the end result will be definitely worth it.

Unclear Content

Don’t be overly formal or too informal. This is probably the vaguest advice to give, however it is so important to strike a balance between too confusing and too casual. Make sure you focus on the message rather than the buzzwords that are placed to try and catch the reader’s eye. For example, start with subject lines, this is the first thing a customer will see so it has to be informative and short. A common bad habit would be subject lines that are disconnected to the content of the email.

Emailing anyone and everyone

This may seem obvious to some however, there are a few who still email those who didn’t ask for it causing complaints and a high unsubscribe rate. This may seem obvious but it so important to make sure that the recipients of the email actually agreed to being sent emails by your organisation. It is tempting to just send your campaign to a list gathered from Linkedin or even brought online. However, this is a super bad habit and can actually get you in big trouble with the law.

Not testing email campaigns

You email campaign may look amazing in the editor but will it look the same across all emailing platforms? This can be overlooked resulting in a badly formatted email which can deter users from clicking through to your site. It isn’t only the visual aspect of an email that can be off putting but also broken links and typos can reflect badly on your business. It is key to have good quality content on a well-designed template.

Not Having a Clear Call to Action

The idea of email campaigns is to increase engagement and click throughs to your site. Often, there are call to action buttons but they aren’t very clear or sometimes there aren’t any call to action buttons at all! A good CTA would be in the form of a hyperlink or an eye catching button – having a CTA is the key ingredient for customers to engage with your email campaign. An example of a CTA would be if you use a button – make it a contrasting button combined with urgent language to persuade the reader to click through.

So, there you have it! Are you guilty of these email marketing ‘sins’? Even, if you aren’t it is good to bear these in mind when you create your next emailing campaign. If you would like some email marketing advice Email Ladder can help you! We offer an email marketing support service as well as email marketing management to help you improve your email marketing game today!

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