September 14, 2015

5 Steps to More Email Signup’s

We have all done that thing where we accidently agreed to receive emails from a company about whatever it is they want to sell to you! And we all do the same thing… move it to the trash folder! So how do we get people to sign up to your monthly newsletter and want to read it?

Here are our top 5 ways to get good, profitable sign ups from customers:

  1. Make the Sign up clear

There is nothing worse than a signup form that is long confusing and asks you to do lots of things. The more you ask from someone the more likely they are to not finish filling it in or say to themselves “I’ll do it later”.

Also, you should consider whether you want anything already in the boxes you want the customer to fill in. If you do and an example in the box text that says “enter your email address”, it must disappear when some clicks in. If you don’t you might get a few that are rejected by autoresponder because it reads “enter your email address”.


  1. Consider your form’s placement

Is a pop-up box right for your website and customers? There are pro’s and con’s to all placements, whether it’s in the header, footer, sidebar, bottom of a post or as a pop-up box, so what you need to do is consider them all! But there is one thing you must make sure… it is accessible from every page. There is no point only having it on the homepage because what if people land on another page? They may never see it!

  1. Why should they signup?

What are your customers going to receive if they do sign up for your newsletter? A DMA (Direct Marketing Association) report states that 60% of signups are so that they can receive offers and sales. So if you can, give something back to your customers and make it clear that they will get this if they sign up!


  1. Make the most of your social media

Social media is a great platform to reach out to customers as most people use it know. Especially if they have already liked your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter! These customers have already engaged so why not make sure they are getting all your latest offers and newsletter.

The other great thing you can do is to promote your offer and ask to give their e-mail to receive the offer.

  1. Make your call to action clear and obvious.

Too many times we see a small call to action in the side bar above the form. The last thing you want is to make your call to action blend into the background or look just like all the other text on the page. Make it stand out and clear what you want them to do.


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