February 17, 2015

Geo-locate your prospects without their postcode!

Have you ever wished that you could target your best prospects based on where they live, but have been unable to because you don’t have their address details?

This is now possible thanks to Email Ladder’s Geo-location tool. It tracks the geographical location of your email openers and displays them as hotspots on a heat map. The ‘hotter’ the area, the greater density of prospects that live in that area.

Want to target recipients who live within an 8 mile radius around central London? Entirely possible. You can be as specific as you want, the screenshot of the Geo-location tool below demonstrates a how you can select prospects who live in a 110 x 104 mile radius north-west of London.


It doesn’t have to be a circle, you can create a custom shape as well, and you can switch to kilometres if this is preferable.

After you have made your selection, all that needs to then be done is to hit one button and you have a list of targeted contacts ready and waiting for your next email campaign.

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