June 28, 2016

3 ways to reduce the risk of being email blacklisted!

email blacklists

What is also essentially known as a “spam trap” will use email addresses to identify where the email originated from. This would most likely be done through finding out the IP address or domain name. This post gives you three techniques to reduce the risk of being blacklisted!

It is key to remember that email blacklists are not out to get you or there to make it harder for email marketers to engage with their audience. They are there because there is a lot of spam nowadays that keeping popping up in inboxes every day. Every brand will have their own way of keeping out of the blacklist. These 3 practices are not the only ways to avoid being unintentionally blacklisted, however, they are the very basics and best ways.

These 3 ways to reduce the risk of being blacklisted do not make you immune to the ability to become blacklisted – there help reduce the chance. If your company engages with the audience in a respectful and effective way then readers will get the mail they want to receive.

1. Pick and choose
One good email marketing practice to reduce the chances of getting on the email blacklist is to remove unengaged contacts. This basically consists of removing email addresses that have been not been engaging with your emails for a certain period of time. Removing email addresses does depend on the industry and sending frequency of your emails. Keeping unengaged email addresses simply increases spam reports and unsubscribes.
You may worry that your mailing list will decrease however by removing recipients will improve sending and brand reputation as you will be sending emails effectively and not to people who do not want them.

2. Check the emails
This may be a slightly long process, however, validating emails when the person signs up can help reduce the chances of getting onto an email blacklist. Checking for simple typos and validity of the email address can lessen the chance of spam trapped emails. Doing this may include having different technical requirements if you were to build your own verification process. Even though there may be costs involved in this, it will benefit by a reduction in typos and invalid email address. Resulting in fewer spam trap emails.

3. Opt in or Opt out
This is a great way to gain recipients who are definitely interested in your service/product and will be actively engaging with your emails. Whilst this would decrease your amount of email opt ins, it would also decrease the number of spam reports and unsubscribes. It will positively impact on your open rates and click rates because you will be targeting people who are looking forward to opening your emails.

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