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email marketing bad habits

Are you guilty of these email marketing bad habits

We understand that all you want to do is get your message from A to B but it isn’t always that simple. It has proven to be a highly effective tool to increase ROI according to an Econsultancy report. So, it is important that ema ...

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email blacklists

3 ways to reduce the risk of being email blacklist

What is also essentially known as a “spam trap” will use email addresses to identify where the email originated from. This would most likely be done through finding out the IP address or domain name. This post gives you three ...

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TRON Media Ltd | Email Ladder

A New Website for our Sister Company, TRON Media

We are pleased to announce that our sister company, TRON Media, have recently launched a newly re-designed website. As a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Brighton, Sussex, TRON Media have been offering a selection of digital ma ...

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5 Case Studies proving why you need to start email

It has been proven that email segmentation increases open rates and click rates in turn growing your revenue. According to eMarketer, 39% of marketers saw vast improvements in open rates and 24% experienced higher revenue- when th ...

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Why Email Marketing is NOT dead!

More than 200 million emails are sent out every minute of the day. This already debunks the theory that Email Marketing is dead. This figure shows that this platform is still heavily used to communicate with consumers, brands and ...

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Why you should start personalising emails now!

Personalised emails have worked wonders for email marketers. Receiving an email that makes you feel remembered is quite nice. Businesses’ have employed the use of tailored emails based on customer behaviour such as recommendatio ...

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Why We Need Attractive Subject Lines

How many unread messages do you have in your inbox? 300? 900? More?! I have lost count of how many mailing lists I am on. I would probably have to guess around the 300 mark… And even that is after a good old Gmail clean up! T ...

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Understanding Email Marketing Data

  Data produced, such as conversions and rates, can be confusing at first. However, this post will help you understand email marketing data by breaking it down. Understanding the data is the best way to know if your email ...

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