If you are looking at prospecting email data lists, we have established relationships with B2B, B2C and public sector data providers. If you require help or advice, use our legally compliant email data advisory service.

How We Work

  • Full advisory service for your email data lists
  • Established relationships with B2B, B2C and public sector providers
  • Legal compliance and data quality for all email data lists
  • Save money by sourcing email data lists via us, as opposed to going direct
  • Consultancy on use and growth of your own internal email lists

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What We Offer

Project Management

Pro active role to ensure campaign objectives and deadlines are
met, including liaising with all relevant parties (web development
team, contributors, copywriters, compliance department etc.)

Creating your email campaigns

We'll create branded email campaigns, inserting your copy,
images, and links while optimising the campaigns to best
industry practices.

Data Management

We’ll upload your data, and set up your mailing lists.
We'll also cleanse your data by managing duplicates,
hard bounces and removing unsubscribers.

Email Testing

Your email campaigns will be tested against industry SPAM
standards, and viewed across various email clients ensuring
cross platform compatibility. A final test of the campaign
will be sent for you for approval.

Email Sending & Reporting

As one of the UK’s leading ESP’s, our email delivery platform is
one of the most robust & feature extensive systems available.
Maximising your campaign delivery rates. After deployment,
your campaign results will then be emailed to you.

Constant Monitoring

Your campaign manager will ensure that the most up-to-date
marketing tactics and best Practice rules are always used. Our
email marketing management team will ensure you have the
best and most effective email marketing campaigns possible.

Our email marketing health checks are focused on your organisation’s needs:

General health checks

Focused health checks

Benchmarked against industry standards

Ensuring maximum performance from your campaigns

Data management checks

Template designs

Main Services

Email marketing management

We’ll do it all

Email marketing support

You do it and we’ll support you

Email Marketing – Pay as you go

Do it yourself using our platform

Additional Services

Email marketing consultingOur email marketing consulting will show you areas to improve your email marketing results. 
Email marketing trainingComprehensive training run from our offices or your own desk
Email marketing health checksFull evaluation of your campaigns to ensure that you are using the best industry practices
Email template designOur team of experienced graphic designers will ensure your email campaigns are the most effective
Microsite design and landing page designIncrease response rates by 30% by creating branded and customisable landing pages & microsites
Data capture & social media intregationCreation and expansion of your date capture including using social media to enhance your database
Email data listsLegally compliant email data list advisory service
Online survey templatesCreate questionnaires or forms to build new contacts and for engaging & listening to clients