January 24, 2014

Welcome to the new Email Ladder website

Welcome to the brand new website of Email Ladder; we had the old one since 2008 but it needed a change. So we threw out the old design and replaced it with a sleek, mobile friendly one that reflects the standards that we set for our email campaigns. Gone with it are a whole stack of blogs which, while nice, are largely outdated as we seek to inform and educate you about the latest industry standards and practices.

So, what is new? This site now has a “responsive” design, which means that you will get an optimum view of it regardless of whether you’re sat reading this on a computer monitor at work, or on a small mobile device. We have long been preaching the benefits of responsive design in emails, so it was about time that was reflected in our website design. Our thanks to One2One Digital for creating such a great website (www.one2onedigital.co.uk) , as our parent company I have to say that but you can judge for yourself! 

We have also introduced a new product – email marketing support services. This means you will have fully experienced email marketing experts at your call for a small monthly fee, ensuring that your campaigns adhere to the latest industry best practice and that your staff are trained to the right standards.

Otherwise, it’s as it was before. Our emails will be at the same standard they always have been and we have our  email marketing management service which is where we look after your complete email marketing and our email marketing pay as you go option; so you’ll be able to find the one that best suits you. For  more information on any of our services or just to chat about your email marketing challenges just give us a call.

You can also sign up to our email marketing newsletter, which we will send you our latest blogs. But we won’t send you more than one a month, and we will never sell your data to third parties.

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