Our comprehensive automated triggered campaigns tools help make your campaigns more effective, plus save you time and money. Set up an almost unlimited selection of triggered campaigns to allow you to automate many manual tasks. Plus much more…
Automated triggered campaigns
  • Create powerful automated triggered campaigns
  • Brilliant drag and drop query builder
  • Generate leads and conversions automatically
  • Create an unlimited number of triggers
  • Quick and easy data-driven conditions
  • Build queries on any data field in your account
  • Easy to create dynamic content rules
  • Have set triggered around events or rules
  • Auto-response emails for sign-ups
  • Automatic replies to on-line responses
  • Never miss a customer’s birthday again
  • Tailored campaigns which  mirror your customers buying habits
  • Personalise emails from campaigns using behavioural triggers
  • Deploy a series of emails at predetermined intervals
  • Instant welcome emails to contacts
  • Increase response while running on autopilot

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Additional Services

Email marketing consultingOur email marketing consulting will show you areas to improve your email marketing results. additional words here
Email marketing trainingComprehensive training run from our offices or your own desk
Email marketing health checksFull evaluation of your campaigns to ensure that you are using the best industry practices
Email template designOur team of experienced graphic designers will ensure your email campaigns are the most effective
Microsite design and landing page designIncrease response rates by 30% by creating branded and customisable landing pages & microsites
Data capture & social media intregationCreation and expansion of your date capture including using social media to enhance your database
Email data listsLegally compliant email data list advisory service
Online survey templatesCreate questionnaires or forms to build new contacts and for engaging & listening to clients