Our Platform's campaign delivery and measurement capabilities are first class, with multiple features and possibilities to enhance the return you receive from your email campaigns.
Campaign delivery and measurement
  • 1st class campaign delivery and measurement
  • 10 years+ established reputation
  • ISP feedback loops
  • Certified Goodmail
  • Set up of domain keys, sender ID, SPF
  • Custom from address with full branding and enhanced deliverability
  • Custom event and series triggered emails
  • Robust, reliable and secure technical infrastructure
  • UK-based servers
  • FREE unlimited test sends
  • Multipart delivery (HTML and plain text)
  • Create ‘plain text only’ email campaigns
  • Auto responders setup – generic account wide, or customisable by campaign
  • Automatic deduplication
  • Automatic bounce processing (hard and soft)
  • Automatic scheduling of campaign with ‘pause’ button
  • Automated sender approval and workflow process
  • Real time online reporting accessible 24/7
  • Delivery, open, click-through rates, forwards, replies, soft and hard bounces
  • Visual graphical results
  • Individual recipient analysis – drill down as required
  • User path tracking from campaign through to your website
  • One-click Google Analytics tracking
  • Email client analysis e.g. % opened in Outlook, iPhone, iPad etc
  • Heatmap/hotspot overlay report
  • Return on investment (ROI) tool – tracking from email to website conversion, by numerical and alpha codes
  • Social network linking and views (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Hot prospects report
  • Automatic address book generation based on results for follow-up activity
  • Geo-mapping – view hotspots for activity on a map
  • Compare multiple campaigns
  • Advanced reporting segmentation and filtering
  • Schedule campaign summary reports and print to PDF
  • Hierarchical parent and child accounts

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Email marketing consultingOur email marketing consulting will show you areas to improve your email marketing results. additional words here
Email marketing training testComprehensive training run from our offices or your own desk
Email marketing health checksFull evaluation of your campaigns to ensure that you are using the best industry practices
Email template designOur team of experienced graphic designers will ensure your email campaigns are the most effective
Microsite design and landing page designIncrease response rates by 30% by creating branded and customisable landing pages & microsites
Data capture & social media intregationCreation and expansion of your date capture including using social media to enhance your database
Email data listsLegally compliant email data list advisory service
Online survey templatesCreate questionnaires or forms to build new contacts and for engaging & listening to clients