Our core email marketing services and key deliverables are summarised below – click on the links for more information on any of our email marketing services.

Main Services

We’ll do it all

Email marketing management Complete email marketing account management. We do it all, ensuring organisations of the most professional email campaigns. We’ll provide you with the most strategic and creative approach to your email marketing, with the highest conversions and the best ROI, in turn allowing you to concentrate fully on your business. Full account management from our email marketing experts.  

You do it and we’ll support you

Email marketing support service This is the perfect solution for companies that wish to run their own email marketing campaigns but also want to have ongoing support to ensure they keep to industry best practices. Suitable for both small organisations and more complete multi-tiered companies, for which standard systems of branding, training and parent and child accounts are fundamental.  

Do it yourself using our platform

Email marketing pay as you go This service has no monthly fees - Our fully flexible email platform allows you to have complete control over your campaigns. Additionally, it enables you to send your campaigns as and when you wish.  After the initial set-up cost, the only charge is the email usage each month.  

Additional Services